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About Board Games and Brews

Hi, I'm Carlos, welcome! I am a husband, father, and teacher, who enjoys modern board games and craft beer. I started playing board games around 2015 but more seriously as a hobby in 2017. My hobby started with social deduction games, party games, and card games with cool art. Games like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and Secret Hitler, were gateway games for me, though since that time my collection has definitely expanded. I still enjoy the games that got me into the hobby, but am now a sucker for worker placement, resource management, great art, and an immersive theme.

I haven't always enjoyed writing, but have oddly enjoyed writing reviews. I created my Instagram in 2019 to try to document and review the games and beers that we were trying. The IG was working great, but every now and then I would come to a game that I really wanted to expand on. I finally decided to create this site to give myself a space for more in depth reviews.


I'm going to work to write reviews for all of the games I own, but if there is a game you'd like for me to review, send me an email or DM on Instagram. I really enjoy creativity and collaboration, so lets work together. I would love to review your published games, or playtest and preview games before production.

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