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Catan Organizer by MacCrafted

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Metal Catan organizers Created by: MacCrafted When Liam from MacCrafted approach me to see if I would be willing to check out his metal Catan organizers, I was immediately interested as I love a good game accessory... and oh boy, these pieces did not disappoint.

Upon opening the package Liam sent (which generously included a delicious Canadian brew), I was immediately impressed. I couldn't see the pieces, as they were all carefully wrapped and labeled, but what stood out was the weight. I expected this with metal upgrades, but weight of a piece is something easy to get wrong, but these are fantastic. They are hefty, yet not too heavy, but clearly sturdy and build to last. They really do feel good in your hands, but look even better loaded with pieces.

Unwrapping the packaging, I was met with two beautiful organizers, one matte and one shiny, though I think I am partial to the matte finish. Each piece is engraved allowing the aluminum to shine through its black anodized finish, which just looks so clean.

Of course how they look is great, but their functionality is what really matters. Testing each organizer out, the tolerances are really good for each pieces; Not too loose or too tight. Carrying the organizers and shaking them on the table, the pieces all stayed in place, which tells me that a lot of time went into getting the tolerances right for each slot.

Liam also sent over what he calls the "Brass Bastard", an upgrade for the robber piece. This one is awesome. Like the other pieces, it has a heft to it, but better than that, it is simply beautiful. So much nicer than the lumpy wooden piece.

Final Thoughts: As far as game piece organizers go, these are definitely a luxury upgrade. However, for big fans of Catan, I'm not sure there is a better gift. These pieces really are phenomenally made and look fantastic. This is one of those partnership opportunities that feel great because I am genuinely impressed by these. Be on the look out for our giveaway for a free copy of Catan and some metal organizers too!

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