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Game Tamer Board Game Accessories

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Game Tamer Accessories Created by: Game Tamer

When Marcie and Betsy from Game Tamer approach me to see if I would be willing to check out their tray and rack sets, I was immediately interested, and I have to admit... I love them!

Upon opening the package Game Tamer sent (which generously included two sets of their trays and racks), I was immediately impressed. What stood out first was the feel of these organizers. I'm not sure what I expected them to feel like, but they felt better. These really do feel good in your hands, sturdy and well made. Beyond that, they look great on the table. The colors are phenomenal. Really well done with a vibrant, matte finish. But of course, how they look doesn't matter nearly as much as how they function.

Functionally, Game Tamer has done an exceptional job. First off, everything functions as it should. The Token Tamers hold a substantial amount, (I prefer them to a similar item from Board Game Geek) and the Card Racks do their job holding many cards with plenty of space (I also prefer these to their BGG counterpart). Where Game Tamer improves upon functionality is great. With the Token Tamers, the recessed areas hold more than my other token racks, in a little more space. They have lids, that can more permanently store and organize pieces, or that keep things neat on the go. They save space with the legs, making them stackable, which I really like. For the Card Tamers, there are little ridges in each row that provide different angles for propping up cards. This is a small feature but I really like it.

Where Game Tamer really shines for me is in the thoughtfulness of their design, being somewhat modular. I already mentioned that the Token Tamers stack, but they also have their Mini Card Connectors. These are mini card racks that function on their own or can be stacked with either the Token Tamer, Card Tamer, or both! I prefer both! Putting the Mini Card Connectors under the Token Tamer or Card Tamer they add an additional row for holding cards. They can also be stacked under both, essentially connecting both, what you see in the top image. As a Marvel Champions player, this creates an excellent and organized villain dashboard.

Final Thoughts: As far as game trays go, these are definitely my new go to. These pieces really are phenomenally made and look fantastic. This is one of those partnership opportunities that feel great because I am so genuinely impressed. I can't wait to see what Game Tamer makes next (I'm hoping for card boxes). Be on the look out for our giveaway for a free game and set of organizers!

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