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Many Worlds Tavern: Coffee for Game Night

During Covid lockdowns I really stepped up my coffee game. Loving craft beer, I figured it time to make my way into the craft coffee scene, having more time to intentionally brew a cup. Since then I have discovered Many Worlds Tavern, and I have to say, they are one of my absolute favorite coffee small businesses. I've been buying their coffee for over a year now. I've tried all of their flagship roasts, and almost all of their limited monthly series. Here are my thoughts.

Homely House

As the name suggests, Homely House is Many Worlds' house blend, a classic medium roast coffee. This is exactly the blend you think of when you think of your morning cup. If you want a classic cup, this is the way to go.

Electric Sheep Despite its name, Electric Sheep isn't sharp or overly acidic and bitter. I started with my coffee black, because toddlers screaming will make you forget to put in your cream... but I ended up drinking half the cup black because it was that smooth. Overall, nothing significant stands out for me with this one, but it is a solid cup of coffee if you want a decaf option. As for the screaming toddler - "Yum, yum, yum. I like it" - Jojo

Great Old One Great Old One is a long dark roast that is oh so smooth. This one is really good. The perfect amount of bold without being bitter. A nice dark roast that's a little nutty. Definitely up my alley. I think this type of flavor profile pairs better with creamers than coffees with fruitier notes. I just wish I had more beans to try this one cold brewed.

Dragon's Nest Dragon's Nest is REALLY good! This has become my go to coffee for cold brew. It's rich and almost has a molasses flavor to it - not overly nutty, not overly sweet. I could (and do) easily have multiple cups of this one! This is my favorite of their flagship blends, and I try to keep multiple bags on hand.

Treasured Realm

Every month, Many Worlds Tavern released a limited supply of single origin coffee. This coffee comes with a numbered card, limited edition sticker, a D&D item and a set of dice. Most importantly, its introduced me to a broader world of coffee than I previously had. This one is definitely worth trying out every month if you can!

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