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Dragon's Milk: 2022 Reserve 1


Brewed by New Holland Brewing, the 2022 Reserve 1 is a rye barrel-aged stout with cinnamon, toasted chilies and vanilla extract.


This brew is very dark, with almost no light coming through. It pours with a consistent head that lasted the entire photo shoot which took about 30 minutes, as well as the time I took to sip on it.


I was nervous as I don't drink a lot of stouts and the flavor combo was an interesting. This one however was a pleasant surprise. I am terrible when it comes to assessing aroma; the beer has to have a pretty distinct smell for me to pick up anything. With the Reserve, I was first met with a very enjoyable cinnamon aroma.


This one is interesting. It comes with sweet and smooth notes of vanilla and cinnamon up front, with a slight spice at the end that is very well done. In New Mexico we have no shortage of drinks that include chile, and this is one that gets it right. At 11.8% and aged in rye barrels, this one is boozy, but not over bearing. I generally don't like a boozy beer, but this one has the perfect amount that adds to the flavor and smooth profile.


I always get nervous when asked to collaborate because of course we all want to say good things. Tasting the 2022 Reserve immediately calmed my nerves because it's just genuinely good. This beer does so much right for me. I love a classic New England IPA, but I will also never turn down an interesting beer, and the Reserve is exactly that. On paper, cinnamon, vanilla, chile, and whiskey are all very strong, potentially competitive flavors, but the 2022 Reserve makes them work. It's very well balanced. A little sweet, a little spicy, but smooth all the way through. I would gladly sip on this one again over the course of a game.

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