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Dragon's Milk: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee

As a middle school teacher, I drink coffee non-stop through out my day. I probably drink more coffee than water most days of the week... oops! However, despite drinking more coffee than water, this my first coffee review.

About the coffee

Dragon's Milk coffee is a collaboration between New Holland Brewing and Stovetop Roasters. They take green coffee beans and age them in bourbon barrels before lightly roasting them in small batches, which allows for great control over the consistency of the roast.


Receiving my package, I was really impressed with the packaging. A smaller bag than I usually buy, this coffee is beautifully packaged with a cardboard sleeve around the bag, which makes clear that it was made with care. The packaging is appealing in a way that makes you want to look at it and read all that is on it, which I did. It includes a lot of great info such as where the coffee is from, how it was prepared, and what to expect, and there's also a helpful brewing guide on the inside of the sleeve that I will likely cut out and keep at the coffee bar behind my desk.

French Press

Upon initial brew, the Dragon's Milk bourbon barrel-aged coffee had a lighter hue than what I typically drink. It became quickly evident that the light color was credited to the flavor of the coffee as opposed to the strength or the roast. The bourbon notes really shine through with a subtle sweetness that almost made my cup seem like a morning treat. The Dragon's Milk bourbon barrel-aged coffee puts a delightful twist on my morning cup of coffee.

Cold Brew

I love cold brew. I love the nutty, chocolate notes that are brought out from the cooler water. Unfortunately because this coffee is a lighter roast (I'm assuming from the color and consistency, and because it would make sense so that it can retain more of its sweet, oaky flavors), it is not an ideal candidate for cold brew. That said, I did try it cold brewed, and was correct. Much of the interesting flavors I experienced with the hot brew just didn't come through. In short, this one is best brewed and enjoyed hot.

Overall, I was really pleased with Dragon's Milk coffee. It was unlike any coffee I have had to date, and in a really enjoyable way. Smooth, chocolatey, oaky, and boozy, almost as if something is in it. It captures the essence of Dragon's Milk in a way that leaves me wanting more. I'd gladly drink it again. Further, this was really fun for me to think about and review. I'm hoping to add more coffee brews to Board Games & Brews in the future.

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