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Funfair (2021)

Funfair (2021)

Published by: Good Games Publishing

Players: 2-4

Age: 14+ (Though I think this could be as low as 8)

Play Time: 15 min/player (was accurate to our plays)


In Funfair, you and up to 3 other players compete to build the most fun theme park. Through impressive attractions, secret blueprints, awards and cash,

you too can build the theme park of your dreams. With the unfairness of its predecessor removed, you can focus on building without the worry of your hard work being destroyed.

Main Mechanics:

  • Card drafting

  • Hand management

Components Review: The component quality of Funfair is of the same quality as the original Unfair game, and I'm really glad Good Games Publishing makes component quality a priority. The board and card quality is great. Card art captures the theme really, really well. The cherry on top again is that the rollercoaster step-tracker mini matches the box art. Such great attention to detail.

Gameplay Review:

Funfair is played over a series of 6 rounds, each round having the same four steps as its predecessor: 1. Event, 2. Park, 3. Guests, and 4. Cleanup. The Event step is consists of flipping a "City" event card. These cards effect everyone in a positive way for the round. The next step of the round is the Park step, which is made up of three actions per player (or 4 once your Showcase ride is in play), taken one at a time, in player order. During the Park step players have four action options in which they take cards, play cards, remove cards, or collect coins. In the Guest step all players receive income according to their guest rating, plus any tickets (indicated on their cards in play). Lastly is the Cleanup step, in which the market is discarded and refilled, and hands sizes are met. Play continues in this way and after 6 rounds, the game is scored. Players receive points based on attractions, blueprints, and excess coins. The player with the most points wins.


Funfair is very similar to Unfair. If you know how to play the original, then you will pick this one up very easily. Funfair is a friendlier version of Unfair, that is very family friendly with all the negative aspects removed. This makes the game more streamlined and easier to learn. The main differences between this and the last game are the amount of starting coins (30 instead of 20), showcases have the same ability (a 4th park action), no limit for park guest limit (increased from 15 max in Unfair), no player event cards (neither positive nor negative), and all city cards are positive (for the entire game). There is also a new award card that sets a goal and awards bonus points the player that meets its condition.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I really enjoyed it. The more streamlined gameplay made it a good naptime game (a game we could play and finish while our two kids napped). If you play games as a family, this would be a great choice! However, if I had to recommend only one game from Good Games amusement park line-up I would recommend Unfair, because with game changers you could achieve what Funfair does in the game while still having all the extra content. for more in-depth game play.

These are my honest thoughts but I would like to give a big thank you to Good Games Publishing for sending these my way. It really was a blast to try this series out!

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