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Unfair: ABDW Expansion

Unfair ABDW Expansion (2019)

Published by: Good Games Publishing

Players: 2-5

Age: 14+

Play Time: 25 min/player


The Unfair Expansion adds four more themes to add into your Unfair base game for even more replayability. Each new theme comes with something new to add to the game. For a review of Unfair and a how to play summary, see my Unfair review.

Main Mechanics:

  • Card drafting

  • Hand management

  • Take that

Components Review: The components of the ABDW expansion are as good as the base game. First off, everything is able to retro fit into the base game box which is a huge plus. The card art is wonderful and fits right in. The tokens are just as good. I especially like that some new first player markers were added. They aren't necessary but they are welcomed. The expansion rulebook is really thorough with some updates. The coolest component of the expansion is the rollercoaster mini, which if you look closely, matches the box art. On top of that, the expansion box art matches with the base game, and when set u side by side creates a panoramic. I am so impressed by the attention to detail!

Expansion Review:

The ABDW expansion adds four new themes: Alien, B-Movie, Dinosaur, and Western. Each theme can be added to the base game, just as any other theme, which gives great replayability for the game. Simply select or randomly choose one theme per player and follow the same set up rules. With the added themes come new icons, new currency and new ways to score. On top of this the expansion comes with easy to read updated rules, and new game changer cards that can be added to the game.

The Alien theme adds a new currency mechanic called Alien Influence which can be used to pay for certain alien technologies, with each extra influence scoring 2 points at the end of the game. This theme was awesome! I really enjoyed collecting alien influence, though I did lose a few staff members to abductions.

B-Movie is all about creating a glorious scene, adding in a way to score those well planned panoramic pieces. This is the only theme we haven't played with, but can't wait to try it.

The Dinosaur theme adds a brand new yet risky attraction, dinosaurs. Players can now add dinosaurs to their park, which as all good dinosaur theme park movies have showed, there is a chance very dinosaurs to escape. This theme was so fun! The Gangster theme in the base game let's you gamble, but dino upgrades is where the real gambling happens. The T-Rex with 5 stars is super cool, and pays well, but is such a huge liability.

The Western theme pack adds open spaces, with increased building opportunities and money to be made. The western theme is great allowing you the possibility of more than 5 attractions and many chances for free upgrades, which makes income grow quickly.

Final Thoughts:

This is a fantastic expansion and I hope it isn't the last. I love the new themes added. Though the Dinosaur theme was my favorite of the four, the fact that I can now build my robot-cowboy, Westworld theme park is such an exciting possibility. If you like Unfair, this expansion adds even more depth and replayability to an already great game. As for future themes, I'd love to see something apocalyptic or zombie themed. I'd personally also love to see a knock off character theme, that introduces a new mechanic around very poor knock of mascots into the park. I would gladly back another expansion if they go to Kickstarter again, and I hope they do!

These are my honest thoughts, but a big, big thank you to Good Games Publishing for sending me a copy of the game to review. I really did enjoy this one.

Purchase the Unfair Expansion:

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